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Welcome To Side Bar

Sometimes you feel fearless and wild, sometimes you feel sophisticated and chill.  Choose your party pleasure: a late night on the dance floor with unexpected champagne showers and sparkling chaos, or a classy rendezvous with your faves, complete with delicious bites and libations. When you arrive at Side Bar, your uniqueness will be matched by ours. Part floral and fanciful, part bitchy and indulgent, our decor is as fierce as our attitude. Like your go-to booty call, we don’t care which side you sleep on, as long as you’re coming home with us.


When it comes to a night out, we know everyone’s taste is different. Some want to be hit with glitter bombs and champagne shows. Others prefer a classy cocktail while sharing convo with a friend over apps. Luckily, we have it all. Check out what’s going on to find exactly the vibe that fits your unique lifestyle.


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Loyalty Pays

The only app that gives you points for staying loyal to your favorite party. All you need to do is eat, drink, and play at San Diego’s hottest spots (ours, duh) and you are rewarded with points and perks.