Best Nightclub and Lounge Sunday Nights

12 Jun: Side Bar Sundays

We don’t take Sundays off. We don’t cut Sundays short. Why should day partiers have all the fun? Whether you slept through brunch or are looking for an alternative to chlorine and sunscreen, we’re extending your Sunday with a party that is bright, vibrant, and lasts well into the night. Forget the word “Monday” and fill your glass up with more Sunday Funday at Side Bar!

Lounge webtile

23 Oct: Lounge

Craving a classy rendezvous with your faves? Prepare to swoon over our gorgeous new Lounge. Nosh shareable dishes and sip on delightful craft cocktails in a stimulating yet unwind-able atmosphere.

Best Nightclub Industry Night

23 Oct: Industry Night Wednesdays

There is something unique and impenetrable about the bond our Industry has with each other. And although Industry nights in themselves aren’t rare, Side Bar’s Industry Night is anything but ordinary. It It can usually be summed up in five simple words: “You had to be there…”

ditch fridays

23 Oct: Ditch Fridays

Enough work…it’s time to play! Trade in your desk for a bar-top, your computer for a cocktail, and your office for a glammed-out lounge! Introducing Ditch Fridays, the perfect way to unwind from a busy week and wind up for an exciting weekend. Indulge in sunshine, patio libations, sexy food and drink specials, and beats from Kyle Flesch every Friday starting at 5pm.


23 Oct: Saturday Nights

In true Side Bar style, we’re blurring the lines between over-the-top and what’s socially acceptable. So our Saturday night might be a bit too spicy for some…but for others, you’re gonna enjoy the burn!