*Now offering a limited version of this menu. Full menu coming soon!*


Ahi Poke Martini

seaweed, unagi sauce, wonton, boom boom sauce

Sweet & Heat Jumbo Chicken Lollipops

sweet or spicy

Tokyo Bites

mushroom, ahi, crab, cream cheese, pickled cucumber salad, thai lime vinaigrette, thai chili glaze

Prosciutto Wrapped Jumbo Prawns

served on a bed of seaweed salad

Charcuterie & Cheese Board

chef’s choice of assorted charcuterie and cheeses


Hummus & Accessories

traditional and red pepper hummus, olives, fresh vegetables, grilled pita, fancy nuts

Drop the Beet Salad

cherry heirloom tomatoes, whipped burrata, pickled beets


14-Hour BBQ Smoked Brisket

crispy onions, aioli, pretzel bun

Beyond Sliders

plant-based burger, caramelized onions, mushrooms, dijon, pretzel bun


So Fresh & So Clean

smoked salmon, ricotta cheese, crispy capers, dill, lemon, micro greens

Meat & Greet

sausage, salumi, prosciutto, tomato, mozzarella, arugula, parmesan, pesto sauce

Wild Child

grilled artichoke, roasted red and yellow tomatoes, olives, arugula, parmesan


fire-roasted tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, shaved parmesan, basil


Luxe Popcorn

truffle parmesan

Gourmet Fries

sweet potato and sidewinder fries, parmesan cheese, served with truffle aioli and honey mustard aioli

Hot Damn Cauliflower

tempura multi-colored cauliflower trio, dynamite sauce, cilantro



Milk & Honey

Don’t be fooled…she’s soft, but she’s fierce.

makers 46 bourbon/ house coconut cream/ benedictine/ lemon/ honey/ grated cinnamon


Her red-headed sister may have a rep, but she’s all class.

beefeater gin/ lemon/ ginger/ cranberry bitters

The Duchess

As classy as the one from Cambridge, but with a lot more inner-freak.

olmeca altos reposado tequila/ blackberries/ basil/ lime/ agave/ lemon-lime salt rim

Hush Money

We’ll keep your secrets, but it’ll cost ya.

gentleman jack whiskey/ banana liqueur/ pineapple/ lemon/ cinnamon syrup


Coppa Mule

Like dropping a glitter bomb and never looking back.

sailor jerry rum/ orgeat/ lime/ ginger beer/ peach/ nutmeg

Rich & Famous

You’re royalty…let that sh*t shine.

herradura silver tequila/ orgeat/ lemon/ gold flakes


Careful baby, or you might get burned.

cazadores blanco tequila/ verde mezcal/ lime/ passion fruit/ coconut cream/ pamplemousse rose

Tea Time

When your friends aren’t imaginary and there’s booze in your cup!

tito’s vodka/ green tea/ pomegranate/ cane sugar/ sparkling wine

Night Owl

“Plenty of Sleep” is overrated when there’s fun to be had.

absolute elyx vodka/ autumn spice/ pineapple/ lime/ ginger

Talent Scout

You were born for the spotlight…it’s about time you were discovered.

rustic root woodford reserve/ royal combier/ australian spiced bitters


Studio 54  (serves 3-4)

Best enjoyed with friends who get freaky on the dance floor.

absolut elyx/ passion tea/ lemon/ lillet rouge raspberry liqueur/ cane sugar

Champagne Tower (serves 6-8)

There’s power in this Tower, you just have to know how to use it.

patron silver tequila/ green tea/ lime/ pineapple/ agave/ side bar sparkling wine


Sparkling Wine

Glass / Bottle

Side Bar House Champagne

Sparkling Champagne, NV, California

Dry, balanced, and an excellent anytime sparkler. The party begins when the first bottle is popped.

Pairs Well With: Sexy Side Barbies, a hint of magic, and wild expectations.

$10 / $32

Haute Couture 187 ml

Prosecco, Veneto DOC

A beautiful elixir that’s dry and balanced. The perfect way to turn a common brunch into a haute Sunday Funday.

Pairs Well With: Forgetting you have to work tomorrow.

— / $13

Perrier Jouet Grand Brut

Champagne, NV Brut, Epernay, France

Elegant, bubbly, and sparkling with suggestive vivacity…exactly how your friends describe you.

Pairs Well With: Bright pink lipstick and a fresh manicure.

— / $250

Perrier Jouet Bella Epoque Rose

Rose, 2006, Epernay, France

Rich, bright, and balanced – perfect marriage material.

Pairs Well With: Wedding dress shopping.

— / $750

White & Rosé Wine

Glass / Bottle


Rosé, NV, Cotes de Provence, France

A hotel bed, fitted with silk sheets, next to an open window with an ocean view. Rich and refreshing.

Pairs Well With: Summer in the Hamptons.

$12 / $36

Pierre Sparr

Riesling, 2015, Alsace, France

Crisp, fresh and clean like your sexy pool boy’s pressed, white, shirt.

Pairs Well With: Your polka dot bikini and a tan Latin lover.

$11 / $32

Kim Crawford

Sauvignon Blanc, 2016, Marlborough New Zealand

Unlike the other Kim, this one is very pale, more complex, and isn’t married to Kanye.

Pairs Well With: Your DIY facial tutorial on YouTube.

$11 / $36


Chardonnay, 2016, Russian River, CA

More like Chardon-HEYYYY. Smooth and nutty, and finishes with a swift tease…sounds like the beginning of a soft-core porn.

Pairs Well With: Lace thongs and a romance novel.

$12 / $36

Rodney Strong

Chardonnay, 2016, Russian River, CA

When you open a bottle to “cook” with, but then end up ordering take-out.

Pairs Well With: A “workout” in way of searching for your lost bottle opener.

— / $40


Glass / Bottle

Francis Coppola Claret Diamond Collection

Pinot Noir, 2014, California

Balances power and grip with polish and good taste. A bit of loner in high school, but now has five best-selling novels, a private jet, and a strong Rolex game.

Pairs Well With: Success, boxes from Tiffany’s, and tasteful gloating to all the haters.

$12 / $39


Valpolicella, 2015, Valpolicella VR, Italy

Easy to drink. Which also translates to: “How did these four empty bottles get on our table?”

Pairs Well With: Gossip sessions.

$12 / $36 

Saldo by Prisoner

Chianti Classico, DOCG, Chianti, Siena

The opening act. The one you didn’t come for, but was surprisingly good so you bought a t-shirt anyway.

Pairs Well With: Backstage passes and pics with the band.

$13 / $39

Conundrum by Charles Wagner

Chianti Blend, 2013, Chianti Rufina

The socialite. Gets along well with others. Is invited to all the parties and events. Says all the right things at all the right times.

Pairs Well With: Your jock friends AND your theater friends.

$14 / $44


Cabernet, 2016, Washington State

Dark with substance and a little rough around the edges. Your dad would freak if he knew you were into this sort of thing…but your mom would totally get it.

Pairs Well With: A motorcycle ride down the western coast.

— / $42


Syrah, 2015, Columbia Valley

New world with old world taste. A $200 cashmere sweater from Free People with prefabricated holes in it for a natural “my great-great-grandmother passed this down to me” kind of look.

Pairs Well With: Thrift store shopping on Rodeo Drive and vintage Christian Louboutin red sole pumps.

— / $45